Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Passport To Safety

If, for some inexplicable reason, Somalia were as hot a vacation spot as Lebanon, these two fine upstanding Canadian passport holders would have been the first lined up for a cruise ship home:

As many as two Somali Islamic fighters who claim to be Canadian were among 10 fighters arrested by Kenyan police, according to separate reports Tuesday.

The 10 were arrested on Monday at the Liboi border crossing in Kenya as they tried to flee Somalia, the Kenya Daily Nation reported.

Two were reportedly carrying Canadian passports, while the remaining eight were said to have Eritrean passports. According to the newspaper, all 10 militants were being detained in the Kenyan town of Garissa. It is not known whether they have been charged.

A Canadian Press report, however, said only one man with a Canadian passport had been detained. The report quotes Kenya police spokesman Gideon Kibunja.

"It's difficult to judge if they are Islamic Courts fighters, but a number of them were Eritrean and one had a Canadian passport," Kibunja said.

Foreign Affairs officials in Canada told CBC News on Tuesday that they were aware of the Kenya Daily Nation report, but they would not comment until they had more information.

How committed to the cause of Islamic rule they must be to be holding on to an infidel nation's passport, in case Allah's cause fails. Not exactly the kind of citizens either country would really want!

Source: CBC

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Anonymous said...

If Canadian taxpayers don't immediately send first class tickets down there for them to be brought back to Canada - they're gonna sue our asses off AND WIN!

So Canada should charter a private luxury jet for each of them, maybe our Courts will let us off lightly if we go the extra mile for these guys.