Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dion Fights The Second Coming

Bonnie Prince Justin has made it clear that he wants to be the Liberal candidate for Outremont, where Jean Lapierre will not be reoffering.

The prospect will delight many an aging baby boomer hoping to relive their lost youth with Trudeaumania II, just as they tried (and failed) at Woodstock II.

Stephane Dion, however, is less than enthusiastic:

La Presse reports that Liberal leader Stephane Dion was planning on reserving the riding for high-profile candidates who could help the rebuild the party's support in Quebec.

According to the newspaper, Dion has made it clear to some Liberals that the 35-year-old Trudeau is not the star candidate he was seeking.

Well, of course not. The Young Pretender will outshine the Old Contender on the hustings at every turn: the cameras will follow his every move with the hacks in tow to gush over his every utterance.

Dion is not about to give Trudeau a springboard from which to launch his inevitable leadership coup. Watch for him to appoint a woman in Outremont instead so he can block Trudeau and help fulfil his promise to have women fill one-third of all Liberal candidacies in the next election.

Of course, since three-quarters of the world's population will die in the next five years because of global warming, Trudeau's leadership ambitions and Dion's rearguard action against them will hardly matter.

Source: CTV

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Anonymous said...

Precisely. Remember they burned a bunch of semi trailors at Woodstock II completely destroying any vestige of the original magical experience and showing for all time how desparately they ride on our coattails whilst failing to grasp the essence of the Baby Boomers philosophy back then. Trudeaumania has had it's one brief shining moment too. It cannot be revisited. Remember the hard boiled little nubbins that populate the thirty something and twenty something world now have are completely self adsorbed, not the kind of people we had in the 60's at all, and therefore incapable of building a Just SOciety.... all they got is Kyoto, which won;t work anyway ./