Thursday, September 01, 2005

CBC Lockout Watch, Day 18.2

Two senior CBC managers (identified only as Fred and Krista) have warned their fellow managers not to feed the picketers:

On the Friday conference call, we were asked whether managers were expected to visit the picket lines in their locations.

Some of us remember a day when spending a few minutes with picketers was encouraged. Those days were a very different situation than the one we're in now.

It is expected that designated Location Chiefs visit the picket line a couple of times of day to liase with CSM and with the picket captains and to gauge the mood on the line.

However, there should be no other managers or other non-CMG staff visiting the line, nor should there be any attempts to "improve the mood" on the line, by providing food or drink, for example. It's very important, if there is a lock-out, that we bring a quick resolution to the work stoppage. A quick resolution will be helped by picketers focussing on the reality of their situation. Making things more comfortable for the picketers does not support this goal.

Peter Rukavina reflects on the bizarre love-hate relationship between CBC employees and the corporation, and the effects it will have on relations between both when the lockout ends.

The Canadian Federation of Students is joining a growing list of people and organizations are refusing interview requests from CBC during the lockout. Proof that CFS can sometimes do the right thing, albeit for the wrong reasons.

Can't wait to hear from Andy Barrie's program and Shelagh Rogers' travelling roadshow.

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