Monday, September 05, 2005

Charity Begins At Home

The United Church of Canada, in its call for charitable relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, couldn't resist taking a back-handed swipe at the United States at the same time:

We would ask members to be mindful of the many disasters that occur in the global south where the United Church has partners whose capacity to respond to emergencies is far less than what exists in the U.S.

Factually correct, but utterly insensitive.

Now is not the time to engage in some pharisaical debate and measuring of charity according to some sliding economic or political scale. A starving homeless man in New Orleans is no less deserving, because he is no less human, regardless of his share of net GDP, than one in Khartoum.

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Richard B. said...

Hi, Loyalist...

You're right. Factually correct, but utterly insensitive - when taken out of the context of the rest of the nearly two page long write-up. In the context, it was a simple reminder to those who are prepared to give to not forget other realities in the world. The entire release can be found at:

The congregation with whom I serve - along with many others - are doing as much in this instance as has been done at other times for other places.

Blessings and peace - Richard