Sunday, September 04, 2005

Dereliction Of Duty Continued

The National Ledger has video and a report of NBC's coverage of two New Orleans policewomen who looted a Wal-Mart:

"Hi--what are you doing here," a person off camera asks one female police officer. "I'm doing my job," the officer says. "What taking shoes?" the reporter asks.

"No--looking for looters."

The officer then implies a threat to the reporter and his crew, and walks away. The video then shows the other officer pushing the shopping cart casually through the store.

(Martin) Savidge wraps up the segment by saying that you can only laugh, even though stealing is "grossly against the law."

You can only laugh, Mr. Savidge? You can only laugh at the sight of two policewomen joining the lawless goons and looters while thousands cringed in fear of choosing between being drowned or being shot?

If any looters needed to be made a public example of, these two should have been.

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