Saturday, September 03, 2005

Ray Nagin Flips Out

FreeRepublic is reporting that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has flipped out on CNN:

On CNN just now. New Orleans Mayor Nagin, apparantly stressed out, in interview segment, said he has been yelling at the President and the Governor, and for all he knows, the "CIA could wipe me out". (Paraphrase) Just now.

Turning into a strange, macabre show now. Blame continues, spiraling out of control. Sad. It even raised CNN's eyebrows a bit.(5:57 p.m. Eastern/4:57 p.m. Central)

If this report is accurate, then Mayor Nagin has demonstrated beyond all doubt his utter incompetence in dealing with the Hurricane Katrina crisis.

Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco have been pointing fingers and passing the buck back and forth, blaming each other for failing to carry out an orderly evacuation, or to declare martial law, or to find food and shelter for the refugees, when they have not been blaming President Bush for same.

Whatever each level of government may think about the other's competence and response, they cannot afford to be seen sniping at each other publicly. People who have lost everything couldn't care less right now about who's to blame for what.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the mayor has long since demonstrated his incompetence - this just demontrates his lack of sanity. It's a funny comment nonetheless.