Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Superdome To Thunderdome To Rubble?

FreeRepublic is covering an unconfirmed CNN report that the Superdome will be torn down because of damage from Hurricane Katrina.

Although Katrina tore off part of the Superdome roof, that in itself would not have rendered the Superdome structurally unsound. Otherwise, city and state officials would have been criminally negligent to have let it be used as a refugee shelter.

Another possibility is that the grounds might have become a biohazard because of the human and toxic wastes that built up over the past week in the flood waters seeping into the Superdome.

Some Freepers suggest the real reason may be the stigma attached to the Superdome because of the rapes and murders reportedly committed there during the past week. It's happened before with buildings that were notorious crime scenes; as irrational as the feeling is, people feel uneasy living in houses or renting office space where murders have taken place.

With the New Orleans Saints having moved operations to San Antonio while the NFL tries to find a stadium for its home games this season, it's likely that the Saints will not be returning to New Orleans. Rebuilding a stadium that has lost its NFL team will sit rather low on the priority list.

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