Monday, January 02, 2006

Bonne Annee Avec Les Voitures Brulees

Paris is too civilized and cultured to ring in the New Year with something so typical of American gaucherie as a Dick Clark special from Times Square:

Rowdy revelers in France torched 425 vehicles overnight in scattered New Year's Eve unrest that has become an annual problem in troubled neighborhoods, the national police chief said Sunday. Last year, 333 cars were burned. Police Chief Michel Gaudin also said there were no major clashes this year between youths and police overnight, as had been feared. In what has become an annual tradition every New Year's Eve, youths set several hundred cars ablaze in France as festivities get out of hand....

President Jacques Chirac spoke of the unrest during his annual New Year's Eve television address and urged the French to do more to fight racism and a lack of opportunities in poor neighborhoods — problems that fed frustrations among young rioters.

''Diversity is part of our history: It is a resource,'' he said. ''It is an asset for our future.''

Chirac also promised to do more to fight crime and violence....

More of the same impotent handwringing, empty promises, bribes and pledges to examine the root causes of violence while looking at everything else but. Exactly like the response to the Boxing Day shooting spree outside the Eaton Centre.

Diversity in everything, except ideas.

Source: Jihad Watch

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