Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Where's My Money?

You'd think that for all the hard work I've done on this blog, either talking up the Conservative Party or offering necessary criticism, that I'd get my fair share of the illegal third-party financing the Blogging Tories are supposed to be getting.

All this money supposedly backing us--from anonymous right-wing American donors no doubt, fundamentalist Christians oil millionaires to a man--and I haven't seen a penny.

I'm not even asking for much. Just enough to cover my high-speed internet bill for the past two months.

One month?

A two-four of Guinness?

12 Moosehead?

A six-pack of Lakeport?

A double-double from Tim Horton's?



Barley said...

Well, next time you're in Calgary I'll buy you a cold one on the Red Mile.
Full disclosure: I am NOT a member of the CPC.

Paul MacPhail said...

I was asking the same thing earlier.

Anonymous said...

The drinks of your choice are on me. Speaking of cheques. Did you hear about the heating cheques going out this week? The first ones
went out and were received on Monday. No doubt Ralph Goodale and the liberals were doing what they can to BUY your vote. Also the personal income tax rebate are on our paycheques too. Just in case we
didn't get it the first time. They're trying to BUY our vote. Who's cheatin' who? Allan. Toronto.

drvsvs said...

I've only been doing this blogging thing for about a week so does that qualify me for a cut of this right-wing conpiracy money? I'm ex-military, (that's pretty right wing) I should get a bonus for that right?
So how come there is no left wing conspiracy, if the right wing conspiracy is working I would think that the left would be doing it too or are they too stupid.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why the right-wing conspiracy bloggers think that they should get any money. The left-wing bloggers, the liberal website and Buzz are a much more effective way to get CPC votes.

The right-wing conspiracy money handlers should only be paying for results.

Ottawa Core said...

i have a reply to stephen taylor's response by eugene parks on my blog: