Monday, January 30, 2006

Noted Abstention

Pro boxers abstain from the act before the big fight to save strength and energy. So, apparently, do some politicians:

ITALIAN Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is famous for his ambitious promises, but he is unlikely to be called to task if he breaks his latest pledge: not to have sex before the April 9 general election.

At a party rally in Sardinia yesterday, the media tycoon received the blessing of television preacher Massimiliano Pusceddu, who thanked him for opposing gay marriage and defending family values.

"Thank you dear Father Massimiliano, I'll try not to let you down and I promise you two and a half months of complete sexual abstinence until April 9," Mr Berlusconi replied.

Imagine if Stephen Harper had gone on 100 Huntley Street to make such a pledge. The MSM would have been torn between laughter and outrage.

But at least that's one campaign promise no one wants to bother checking on.

Source: Melbourne Herald-Sun

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