Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Liberal Ads: From Tragedy To Farce

The infamous "soldiers with guns in our streets" Liberal attack ad is attracting both outrage and derision.

The first reaction is to be expected whenever attack ads are aired. Usually, the greater the outrage expressed by the target, the more likely the ads have touched on an uncomfortable truth or weakness.

Usually. But not in this case, where the target has turned out not to be Stephen Harper but our servicemen, who rightly take great offence at the suggestion that they would willingly turn their guns on the people they serve.

Perhaps the bright boys and girls in the Toronto ad agency that cooked up this ad have never actually known any servicemen, or learned anything about the military except fashionably progressive anti-military cliches about baby killers and armed goons in Iraq and Vietnam.. Nothing else could explain how otherwise well-trained advertising people could have come up with such an offensive message and let it go as far as it did.

The second reaction will probably prove much more deadly to these ads, and to the Liberals' hopes on which they were pinned, than all the denunciations by the military lobby and Tory MPs combined.

The style and tone of the ads, especially the "soldiers with guns" ad, lent themselves to easy parody, from the choppy incomplete sentences with pregnant pauses in between to the ominous martial snare drum and timpani rolls, right down to the killer "We did not make this up" line (which suggests that maybe, just maybe, the whole thing is, to quote Susan Murray, bullshit.)

The sting has been taken out of the whole negative ad campaign because of the fast and wide spread of parodies in the press and online. Get people mad or scared and they might listen. Get people laughing at you and you've lost them.

It couldn't have come at a worse time for the Liberals: it's buried Red Book V under a pile of one-liners.

And that, quite frankly, is beyond parody.


Canadi-anna said...

What all Liberal donors should realise is that they helped pay for the crafting of that ad.

Chris from Victoria, BC said...

canadi-anna, what taxpayers should realize is that they helped pay for the crafting of this ad.

Paul Martin called a free nationally televised public address on April 21, 2005 to say that the Liberal Party would reimburse taxpayers for any money stolen from them, diverted to Liberal-friendly ad agencies.

Where is this money, Mr. Martin?

Anonymous said...

Compare pictures of Carl Toft and Paul Martin.

Any similarities??

Does Martin have anything to hide???


Sorry, Carl. Didn't mean to insult you by including you in this comparison.

Chris from Victoria, BC said...

anonymous, your comment is beyond the pale.

If there is one thing I am sure of about Paul Martin, it is that he is a decent loving family man.


- A Stephen Harper Supporter

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noted that the last canadien prime minister to send Canadian troops
- with guns, those are part of the complete outfit -
into Canadian streets to protect his government (CYA eh, PET) first yodelled the
war measures act? Liberally?