Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pallister's Ploy

Every seat counts in a thin minority government, but apparently that news hasn't reached Brian Pallister, who's thinking of jumping ship to take over the Manitoba PC leadership barely a week after his re-election.

How gracious of him to pull his name out of cabinet consideration while he awaits the call from back home. If he leaves, the voters of Portage-Lisgar get forced into an unnecessary early by-election, and even if it's a safe Tory seat today, who knows how they might react to Pallister's untimely departure?

If he doesn't, he more or less assures himself of never being put into Cabinet, not after pulling a stunt like this.

Now is not the time to start making noises about quitting for greener pastures. In six months or a year, maybe, but not when the government hasn't even been sworn in yet.

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