Tuesday, January 31, 2006


The race to run from the Liberal leadership has become attracted a third official non-contestant as Brian Tobin announces his intention to stand back.

Lest we think that the race is turning into a stampede, remember that the three who have bravely fled the field--Frank McKenna, John Manley, and Brian Tobin--have all retired from public office to the comforts of Bay Street boards and/or law practices.

Prolonged exposure to same tends to dull the political reflexes and appetites. Witness the collapse of John Turner's once-promising legacy.

If potential candidates still in Parliament start declining, then we'll know that the party is in real trouble.

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freethinca said...

I'm beginning to think that all these candidates must be distancing themselves from the Liberal leadership because they know something we are likely to soon find out. Can things get worse for them?