Friday, January 13, 2006

Voters Behind Bars

You can take the measure of a man by his friends, and by his enemies:

Advance polls opened across the country Friday, including at the Stony Mountain Institution, north of Winnipeg, where inmates cast their ballots in the federal election.


(I)nmate Jeff Power had a red "L" for "Liberal" painted on the side of his head. He was jailed for drug trafficking and robbing two pharmacies.

He said he would not vote for the Conservatives because they've talked about tightening up parole rules.

Honour among thieves, indeed.

Source: CBC


Danté said...

Celebrate voting with a blue finger:
Go for it!

PGP said...

Birds of a feather...................

By the way....did you see this?
Me Too! Me Too!….I have Ethics Too!

Martin dumps Liberal candidate in B.C. riding after accusation of bribery

See my post at OMMAG One More Middle Aged Guy

LOL I am Luvin this!!!!

The defeated LIberals will all undertake a large Same sex/ group marriage and adopt a gazillion immigrant children to claim the $1200 a year in daycare support in an effort to keep their hands on as much taxpayers money as possible. Probably will funnel the rest back to the LPC...that is if there is any left over after Beer & Popcorn

CanadianTruth said...

We have the Globe and Mail endorse us, they have 35,000 criminals. Fitting!