Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Trustscam Buzz

Buzz Hargrove is even further in the tank for the Liberals than we realized: not content to simply order the CAW membership to vote Liberal, he's trying also to boss around the Mounties:

The president of the Canadian Auto Workers union suggested yesterday that the RCMP was politically motivated in confirming an investigation into the Liberal government's income trust announcement.

Buzz Hargrove said it was not "proper police work" for the RCMP to confirm it was investigating a possible leak of the announcement in the midst of a federal election campaign, and suggested that it gave an unfair advantage to the opposition.

The outspoken union leader made the assertion on CBC Radio's morning program The Current, in which he was on a panel of political "mavericks," along with former Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish and one-time Conservative Deborah Grey.

Jack Layton didn't cover himself with glory when he propped up the Grits following Paul Martin's televised plea for clemency last spring. But even he wasn't so foolish as to claim that the Gomery inquiry and Adscam were oppoisiton motivated witchhunts.

What has Buzz been promised for his co-operation?

How much does he fear not being able to collect on that promise?

Source: National Post


Anonymous said...

Buzz is absolutely terrified that the Tories will get into power. He will then have to justify his reason for existence. Unfortunately Buzz has put his eggs in the wrong basket this time around. Harper is not a fool and will not roll over to union demands ala Paul Martin.

OttawaCon said...

Several of the PSAC officials in Ottawa, themselves NDP supporters, are pretty sure that Hargrove is going to the Senate soon.

Presumably, to sit in the Senate for the NDP.

They are pretty disgusted by the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

He must have been reading this:

Don't these people know that the Commissioner of the RCMP is selected by the PM?

I'd bet Buzz would be drawn and quartered if he showed up at any NDP or labour convention.

eugene plawiuk said...

Thats why Buzz shows up at AUPE conventions in Alberta cause they don't belong to the AFL/CLC or NDP el presidente of AUPE like Buzz supports the Liberals.

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