Saturday, January 21, 2006

Unrehearsed Testimony From Important Celebrities

Remember the celebrities who said they would flee the United States if George W. Bush were re-elected President?

Remember the mass exodus of liberal Democrats fleeing imaginary oppression that was supposed to be streaming north of the border?

Wonder where these Canadian actors will go to flee a Tory government, if they've already left?

The prospect of a Conservative election victory Monday is sending chills into liberal Hollywood -- especially for two of the top Canadian-born actors on American TV shows.

Eric McCormack, star of NBC's Will & Grace, and Donald Sutherland, co-star on ABC's Commander In Chief, both seem spooked by Stephen Harper's lead in the polls.

McCormack says he hears "horrible, horrible things about a Conservative government coming in. If I can get back and vote, I would."

Sutherland, who was once married to actress Shirley Douglas, NDP founder Tommy Douglas' daughter, fears a Conservative victory.

"I'm just praying it will be a minority government," he said yesterday.

If Canada is no longer a safe haven for so-called progressive refugees, where will paranoid Canadian lefties seek refuge? The Netherlands? France? China? Cuba? North Korea?


Rob said...

how hypocritical
our right is considered left in the USA
many democrats regard Conservatices as soft right wing ie left of their party.

Donald and McCormack have made millions in the "evil empire"

Because you are on a hit TV show doesn't make you an expert in anything except faking reality.

Anonymous said...

The American rights IS coming to Canada... read this...

McGuire said...

You're forgetting Venezuela. Chavez is the darling of all the Silver Spoon Socialists in La la land

Jason Monteith said...

anonymous... that website is nothing but a fearmongering load of crap. Hope that tinfoil hat is comfy...