Saturday, January 14, 2006

Where's Joe?

Have you noticed that Joe Clark hasn't appeared anywhere in the media during this election campaign?

I've been waiting for him to pop up and repeat his "better the devil you know" endorsement of Paul Martin from 2004.

He'd be foolish enough to wait until this week to do it, when it would do nothing except finish off his credibility.

Or maybe he'll give a tepid endorsement of Stephen Harper that will be equally as ineffective.

Or just maybe, he'll remain out of sight.



Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing.

Joe will likely say nothing and say they are both bad. Either way, who cares what "Joe Who" thinks!

Chris said...

He's out discussing the "community of communities" or some damned thing. We all know how credible Joe's thoughts are.

Civitatensis said...

Where ever he is, he should stay there.

George in Eastern Ontario said...

Keeping his mouth shut to-date in this election may be the smartest thing he's ever done (disclaimer: sample space of good decisions very, very small).

Speaking up would only draw attention to how badly he misjudged the potential of a unified Conservative party and the public's thirst for such an alternative governing political vehicle.

Lunenburger said...

Joe Who? He thinks Jimmy Carter is STILL in the White House.

CanadianTruth said...

C'mon, he's a nice guy. I've had a chance to speak with him and he even - personally (probably didn't have much else to do) - had a couple of email chats with me.

Here's some trivia for you, he's the former brother-in-law of Florida Panthers and ex-Sens coach Jacques Martin (who I've also had the pleasure of meeting).

Lunenburger said...

CanadianTruth, aren't you a little young for that beer? Where is your Mom and Dad-- shouldn't you be in bed by now? [Your posted time is 9:33 PM!]

Anonymous said...

I saw Joke Lark once, it was at a Flames game. I remember that day clearly because I also saw the throwin' Samoan.