Saturday, March 04, 2006

Afghan Axeman Attack

It's a different sort of war in Afghanistan than what our military history and training has prepared us for, with the possible exception of the Huron-Iriquois proxy wars between France and England.

Savage tribesmen wielding axes!

A Canadian soldier in Afghanistan is in critical but stable condition after being attacked by a man wielding an axe during a meeting with tribal elders today.

The reservist soldier, Lieutenant Trevor Greene, of Vancouver was initially taken to the Canadian-led multinational hospital at Kandahar airfield where he underwent treatment for head wounds. He will now be airlifted to the U.S. medical facility in Landstuhl, Germany, said CTV's Steve Chao, in Kandahar.

Early reports suggested Greene was injured in a firefight with insurgents. It was later learned that Greene was attacked during a sit-down meeting with tribal elders when a man struck him in the back of the neck with an axe.

"He was surrounded by many local tribesmen as well as Canadian soldiers," Chao told CTV Newsnet. "However as the meeting began, we understand, a man with an axe came out and attacked him. Immediately following there was chaos, Canadian soldiers opened fire, we understand, after some grenades were lobbed by some other attackers.

"The initial attacker with the axe was killed on the spot, however the other one appeared to have perhaps gotten away," Chao said.

The attack happened in Gumbad, about 70 kilometres north of Kandahar City, today.

You think now that peacekeeping is para-military social work? This is a whole different mindset our men are dealing with, one that doesn't equate with traditional armies in uniform fighting set-piece battles under the Geneva Conventions.

Source: CTV

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James said...

What kind oif idiot brings an axe to a gunfight?

One that is killed on the spot.