Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No To Bardot

So Brigitte Bardot is all upset that Stephen Harper will not even give her a phone call to discuss the seal hunt:

"I made a gruelling trip only to be turned away by the prime minister. I am very disappointed. He will not even talk to me by telephone," the animal rights activist said.

Bardot said she was detained for more than two hours by Canadian customs and immigration staff upon her arrival last night.

"At one point, I thought they would turn me away," she said in a telephone interview.

"I had to pay a sort of ransom and they gave me permission to stay only two days. I think I've stirred things up a bit, so they're trying to unsettle me."

Bardot last came here in 1977 and kicked off three decades of protests against the seal hunt by hugging a fluffy white doe-eyed pup on an ice floe for photographers.

The years have not been kind to Brigitte, but her inflated sense of self-importance have not diminished.

Good to see that Harper can't spare the time to listen to a washed-up actress whose credentials to discuss the issue consist solely of having the hottest French actress 50 years ago.

Celebrity does not equal credibility.

Source: The Australian


Danté said...

Beautifully said. Perhaps now Bardot will learn the futility of making such trips in the future?

thots said...

Someone in Ottawa aught to present her with a set of knitting needles and tell her to go home and "stick to her own knitting" and to subjects more suited to her field of expertise.

Mark said...

I'd pay quite a large sum of money to hear the PM tell her to shag off.

(Sorry about the imagery.)

Anonymous said...

she's not the first actor or actress that's become involved - Remember Reagan?