Friday, March 03, 2006

No Time Off For Good Behaviour

Inderjit Singh Reyat was not the mastermind behind the 1985 Air India bombing that killed 329 people. But because the Crown dropped the ball and the two chief plotters went free,, Reyat is going to be made to serve every day of his prison sentence unlike almost all other federal prisoners in Canada:

Canada's National Parole Board has denied early release to Inderjit Singh Reyat, the only person convicted in connection with the bombing of Air India Flight 182.

The decision means he will have to stay in prison for two more years.

After several hours of interrogating Reyat, the three-member panel concluded he was evasive, lacked credibility and consistently minimized his role in the bombing. They said they never believed Reyat's contention he was a bit player and took barely 15 minutes to render their decision.


Reyat is serving a five-year sentence at Collins Bay Institution in Kingston, Ont., and is up for statutory release in June, two years before the end of his sentence.

Truth in sentencing is a rarity in Canada; mandatory release provisions are almost always upheld as a matter of course by the Parole Board, no matter how serious the crime or unrepentant the prisoner. But Reyat is the only one who can be made to pay, so even if he had become a saint in prison, he'd still have been made an example of.

Source: CBC

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