Sunday, March 19, 2006

Staying Away In Droves

Despite the CBC's valiant attempts to portray yesterday's anti-Iraq war protests as a massive public outcry of widespread opposition, even it had to admit that they were a bust, even among the rent-a-crowd that usually can be called up on a moment's notice to hit the streets:

More than 1,000 anti-war protesters marched through the streets of downtown Toronto Saturday, joining worldwide demonstrations marking the third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Protesters waved placards as they marched from the U.S. consulate to the downtown core, condemning the war in Iraq and Canada's 2,200-strong presence in Afghanistan.

The Toronto protest was organized by the Coalition to Stop the War. Similar demonstrations were held in Halifax, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver, and in major cities around the world.

In London, organizers hoped to attract 100,000 people, but police estimated the crowd at about 15,000.

About 500 protesters in Australia chanted, "end the war now," while 2,000 marched in Japan and more than 1,000 paraded in Toronto.

Rent-a-crowd professional protesters and their weekend hobbyist friends are a dime a dozen in Toronto. You can call for a protest against the laws of thermodynamics in Toronto and get 10,000 people on Queen's Park the next day demanding their repeal.

If they could only scare up a thousand--and that being a generous estimate--despite throwing in every other issue imaginable to draw a crowd, then they've really dropped the ball here.

Or maybe even the rent-a-crowds are getting tired of the Iraq issue.

Or maybe they can't put together a half-decent crowd because the Hussein regime is no longer there to fund their protests through various front groups.

Whatever the reason, it's a sign that they can't plan a protest as well as they used to.


Anonymous said...

you really are a short sighted loser...

Fred said...

the usual crew of leftist moonbats, anarchists and socialist losers . . . everyone wants peace, but these morons think that by allowing themselves to be bitch slapped by the terrorists, thugs, dictators and political perverts, they will get it.

It is amazing how CBC/Pravda spun up the story when it is like 0.0000000000000001% of Canadian's opinion.

Guess we know what side the CBC is on.

If you really want peace, be prepared for war

Si pace, para bellum

Ranting Blue Tory said...

To Sid Lacombe / The Canadian Peace Alliance
To Sid Lacombe / The Canadian Peace Alliance

What do you idiots think will happen when we pull out of Afghanistan, that the Tyrants are going to have a change of heart and start loving the free world. Do you think the Saddam loyalists will lay down their arms and beg our acceptance. The Canadian Peace Alliance philosophy have deceive the dopeheads and the ignorant of the passed , but we live in a post 911 area. If the free world leaders adopt a mindless and wreckless defense strategy as perpetrated by The Canadian Peace Alliance, we can kiss our freedom goodbye and forget about holding demonstrations because the Tyrants will see that never happens should they acquire control.

The Brave Men and Women who gave their lives for our freedom gave you the liberty to make an ass out of yourself. And I might add , you are doing a great job.They are the leaders who paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, not the protestors who are willing and prepared to hand it back over to Tyrants.

You , and your group are completely ignorant of the anti freedom extremist of the Middle East. These people laugh at your stupidity knowing that your weakness to stand up against their resolve to wipe out Israel, and the Western World means, that you can be used as a pond by the very Tyrants themselves to undermine the need of support to our troops, and to withstand the sustained threat of terror that has been promised by these Thugs.

Pulling out our troops tells these guys that we are a pushover, and all we have to do is threaten harm, send suicide missions ,and get enough leftist activists to make enough noise to incite riot against a Government who is trying to secure order, spread democracy and give these oppressed people the hope of freedom , and liberty.

Your group would lay down all arms while the Terrorist's expand operations, plan attacks, oppress and kill their people , rape their woman, and deprive people of any form of dignified civil rights. You would pull us out of our charter status with NATO that was endorsed by the UN. My question is , what message does that send to our allies. We tell all our free world allies that we cannot be relied upon , now that is a strategy for disaster.

I notice your peace talk, but no plan to execute and enforce. Bottom line, is whatever strategy one employs has to have a plan, and then be enforced.Your feel good politics does not cut it in the real world Sid. Freedom has a price that never goes away, and one must be prepared to pay the ultimate price. The Brave Men and Women of our armed forces understand fully, that the price has never really changed. Yes Sid , they even died so that you can publically make a Jack Ass out of yourself and express your ignorance in a dignified fashion, but be rest assured ,Osama ,Saddam ,nor Omar would give you the same dignity.

Myrddin Wyllt said...

I laughed when I seen the coverage of the "protests".
In Australia 60,000 people took to the streets to protest the cancellation of the sci-fi TV program "farscape" and all they get for the anti-war protest is 500.
We get bigger crowds at Smoke-ins in Vancouver than they can produce for this pro panty waist demonstration.