Wednesday, March 15, 2006

One Year Ago Today

This is how it all began.

I can't believe I'm still at it, a year later.

Even I thought I'd be a completely unheralded flash in the pan disappearing as quickly as he appeared, unnoticed from start to finish.

But here I am, still blogging away, for years to come most likely.



BBS said...

Happy Blog Day!

Alberta Girl said...

Enjoy a big piece of virtual birthday cake after you've blown out the virtual birthday candle!

Blogging is just sooooooo much fun - thanks for your work to inform the masses!

Danté said...


Sara said...

St. Patricks day strike for Choice in Childcare.... bloggers only
we need one full day of the bloggers to fully stand up for choice in childcare,,, if anyone is interested pop over and email me.

If I get enough interest we can pick a day before the bill goes through and try to help. The news watches us all the time so why not strike for childcare?

I'm thinking Friday St. Patricks day... anyone in?


Shabbadoo said...

Happy blog day!

You and many others like you help to keep me thinking about the world outside my office.