Friday, March 17, 2006

Just Deserts

The hate-America crowd weeps at the U.S. war machine's failure to provide them a martyr for their cause:

A B.C. man who was arrested last week in the U.S. for deserting the Marines in 1968 was freed from a military jail Thursday evening.

Allen Abney, 56, has been granted an administrative discharge after being held in a military prison in Camp Pendleton, north of San Diego, since his arrest last Thursday.

"The Marine Corps determined that it would be in the best interest of justice, the Marine Corps and Mr. Abney to separate him administratively," said Lt. Lawton King.

"He's been discharged from the Marine Corps so he's no longer a Marine."

King said privacy laws prevented him from disclosing whether Abney received less than an honourable discharge.

He was transported to San Diego airport before being flown to Washington State.

"The ticket was supplied to him by the Marine Corps," King said.

Abney escaped from being hit with a court martial, which means he will have no criminal record.

Did anyone seriously expect the Marines to court-martial Abney and sentence him to break rocks at Leavenworth?

But to hear the left talk, you'd think that history's most bloodthirsty fascist imperialist regime was chomping at the bit to publicly execute him for his cowardly desertion from duty, as an example to anyone thinking of cutting and running from Iraq.

Heck, the most they gave that guy who defected back from North Korea after 40 years was a month of house arrest on base housing--and he went off to the Communists! (Though 40 years in North Korea was punishment enough.)

Source: CTV

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