Saturday, March 04, 2006

Canadians Scared Of A Little Blood?

Decades of propaganda surrounding the peacekeeping myth, and two generations of public education and media dominated by liberal pacifists, has created the bizarre notion in many people's minds that Canadian soldiers should be sent everywhere to keep the peace but be pulled out once they start getting hurt or killed.

One wonders how Canada would have endured the hecatomb of two World Wars with an attitude such as this:

With casualties mounting daily, a new poll shows Canadians are sharply divided about the country's stepped-up military combat mission in Afghanistan.

The IpsosReid poll, conducted for CanWest News Service and Global News, found 52 per cent of Canadians feel the 2,200 Canadian Forces troops deployed to Kandahar are on a vital mission and should stay the course, while 48 per cent said the troops should be brought home as soon as possible.

The poll also found 54 per cent of those surveyed support the use of Forces personnel for "security and combat efforts against the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan."

But that number is down significantly from January 2002, when Canadian troops first deployed to Afghanistan.Four years ago, 66 per cent of those surveyed supported a combat role.

The telephone survey of 800 respondents was conducted Thursday and Friday, the same days as a fatal road accident that killed one Canadian soldier and a second was seriously wounded in a suicide bomb attack.

There's more to it than explaining the value of the mission in Afghanistan to help Canadians accept the deaths and casualties that will inevitably occur. They have to be taught one simple lesson that every generation until now has instinctively understood: no one wants soldiers to die, least of all the soldiers and their commanders themselves. But it is a risk every warrior has accepted since the dawn of time, and it is a dishonour to us and to them to suggest that they should cut and run like cowards at the first sign of trouble.

Source: Edmonton Journal


Mac said...

It's easy to understand why no-one wants their parent, their child or their sibling to be injured or killed in a war which (to those who get their news from the MSM) seemingly doesn't involve Canada. Reality isn't high on the MSM's agenda so for folks who don't seek to understand international situations, it's hard to understand why our soldiers are there.

We owe it to our Armed Forces to give them our support... and let's give them the tools & resources they need to do the job. These decades of liberal rule were like a death of a hundred thousand cuts, each one shallow yet painful.

Anonymous said...

Canadians were lied to by the Liberal government about our role in Yugoslavia.
Were we told that 80 brave Canadian soldiers lost their life during THAT "peacekeeping" mission?

Canadians were lied to by the Liberals about our role in Iraq. Were we told that

Chretien "loaned" our brave Canadian soldiers to the United States during the shock and awe stage and they were forced to keep this a secret?

We could not even honour their bravery or mourn their deaths as a nation.

"Peacekeeping" Liberal style has been a lie. I for one think we should now tell the people about these soldiers so a grateful country can pay them respect.

Anonymous said...

Canadians would prefer to fight terrorism in our subways, shopping malls and airliners.

doug said...

Canadians would prefer to fight terrorism in our subways, shopping malls and airliners.--Anon

And that is why the incoming fearless leader said that we will have more troops in OUR CITIES. Yes indeedy, I can hear the applause now when all those armed troops start showing up in ' our subways,shopping malls, and airliners'.

Geez, were you not even listening during the recent campaign? I thought the Liberals already explained this to you.

I truly hope, anon, that you were being sarcastic. It's so hard to tell these days when 'simplisme' has been elevated to an art-form.