Friday, March 24, 2006

Quaere: Hostages

Now that the Christian Peacemaker hostages have been freed with the help of the RCMP and JTF2, will the anti-war crowd demand that Canada demonstrate its commitment to peace and international law by standing back the next time Canadians get taken hostage in Iraq?

Or should we seek the UN's permission to rescue them first?

Or should Canadians taken hostage be instructed to ask their liberators for their UN authorization first before going along with them?

Source: CBC

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andycanuck said...

Two weeks ago the Toronto Star and the rest of the liberal MSM, apparently not understanding the concept of 'national sovereignty', went nuts that an RCMP team didn't force its way into Cancun to help investigate or take over the investigation into the tourist couple murder because of presumed incompetence and/or corruption of the Mexican police.

I wonder what the editors will say about RCMP and/or JTF2 involvement in the Iraq hostage rescue despite having had the permission of the Iraqi government to be there? Gee, I wonder?