Sunday, March 05, 2006

Star Candidate?

Don't look now, but apparently there's a growing movement to make Torstar CEO Robert Prichard the next Liberal Party leader.

At least, so says David Peterson (we think) and a bunch of anonymous insiders.

And who's broken the story? The Toronto Star!

With no clear front-runner for a race whose parameters and date won't even be set for another two weeks, more than a dozen individuals are now being floated as potential runners.

The latest names being thrown into the highly speculative mix are Robert Prichard, president and CEO of Torstar Corp., and Liberal MP David McGuinty, brother of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

David McGuinty, who represents an Ottawa riding, confirmed this week he's considering a leadership bid. Prichard's intentions are unknown.

"There's a lot of very, very, very substantial people who would love to see him run — and they're trying to persuade him to do it," former Ontario premier David Peterson said in an interview.

"I know this for a fact."

Prichard, a former president and dean of law at the University of Toronto, could not be reached for comment Saturday.

The Star must have been pushing to fill the newshole somehow yesterday. One ambiguous quote from David Peterson--which could just as easily refer to David McGuinty, or to one of the hopefuls on this list --and the boss just happens to be unavailable to discuss his intentions.

It seems that all you have to do get a column inch or two in the Star is have somebody say you might be thinking of running for the Liberal leadership.

Well, I might be thinking about it.

So where's my press coverage?

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