Saturday, March 11, 2006

Death By Prosecution

Four years after he went on trial for war crimes, and just as he was about to find out if he could call Bill Clinton as a defence witness, Slobodan Milosevic has been found dead in his prison cell.

Three days after Croatian Serb leader Milan Babic hanged himself in his cell, no less.

And long after the whole trial should have ended, once it descended into complete farce.

Milosevic should have been delivered to his own people for trial, not left in the hands of a United Nations kangaroo court.

He was a thug, but he alone stood against Islamist aggression in Bosnia when no one else in the West would.

And his prolonged trial demonstrated the emptiness of progressives' claims that the UN and its tribunals can dispense justice and defend international law and human rights.

Four years on trial and the UN was no closer to making its case against Milosevic for genocide and other war crimes than ever, while it tried to keep Milosevic from conducting his own defence, a defence that was casting doubt, if not on Milosevic's guilt, at least on the legitimacy of the tribunal.

Milosevic is no martyr, but the UN tribunal were no saints.

Source: FOX News

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Anonymous said...

Only time will tell if Milosovic becomes a martyr. To Orthodox Christians in Bosnia, he may be already.

History just keeps repeating itself. The UN is the successor of the equally useless League of Nations. Same sh**, different times. And humanity is complacent enough to keep swallowing it.