Monday, March 27, 2006

Quaere: Illegal Immigrant Deportation

While the Toronto Star continues to tug at readers' heartstrings with overwrought stories about the shattered dreams and lives of illegal immigrants from Portugal, one question remains unasked: why have the Portuguese illegals been singled out this time?

Could it be that they are white Europeans, and thus can be safely expelled without raising cries of racial bias and oppression from the usual progressive defenders of immigrants?

Could it also be that they are also extremely unlikely to respond with violent reprisal?

Just asking, since the media won't.


Mark said...

Surely it isn't just Portuguese who are being deported, though?

I personally think this whole thing is getting attention because of its potential impact on the GTA. Were this occurring in Brandon, Manitoba, there'd be little or nothing said.

FRed said...

Why don't they list all the illegals, then rank sort them by citizenship values.

Have they committed any crimes in Canada ?

If yes . . on to the plane for a ride "home"

Have they been good community members, paid taxes, volunteered etc

If yes, then dropped to the bottom of the deportation list.


Luke said...

The Porteguese have been singled out by the media since they make a nice front-page story. There are a lot of them in Toronto, many of them construction workers whose services we need.

You can't really rank and order people who need to be deported - we're not sure whether they're committing crimes or not, whether they're paying taxes or not, or even how they're making their living. Generally, if you're not a citizen you have to make your living off the books, so you're not paying taxes (beyond sales tax.)

If you want to make a dent in immigration, work the laws so we can legally import more construction workers. I have no problem with deporting illegal immigrants where they are found. If you'll read the comments of the Porteguese ambassador (sorry, no link), you'll note he says that our immigration laws are so lax that they're not even bothering to apply for visas anymore. That's far too much.