Saturday, March 04, 2006

Eye Of The Tigers

Almost everybody in the Liberal Party, with the exception of the Board, wanted Paul Martin offed, figuratively. Strangely enough however, few in the press are picking up on the story of one Liberal who wanted him offed, literally, and was allegedly tied up with just the sort of people to do it:

The man who allegedly wanted former prime minister Paul Martin dead was on the board of a Liberal riding association and was once charged for trying to run down a former defence minister's assistant.

The RCMP also had information he was acting as a middleman in arms shipments to Tamil groups.

The stunning testimony was given in a Brampton courtroom yesterday as an abuse of process hearing continued in the case of Vincent Brown, who is facing drug charges.

Brown is trying to have the charges thrown out of court because he says the RCMP broke the promise they made when he gave them information about a 2003 plot to assassinate Paul Martin. Brown said he was offered $300,000 by Augustine D'Souza, who once sat on the board of Scarborough-Rouge River MP Derek Lee's riding association, RCMP Const. Eric Rebiere testified.


"I was really interested if the weapons ended up in the hands of another unknown," Rebiere told Brown's lawyer Sam Goldstein. "Mr. D'Souza was a middleman for weapons for the Tamils, another concern we had."

D'Souza was involved in a number of investigations, Rebiere testified and was never arrested or charged on the basis of Brown's information.

Rebiere and other police denied making a deal with Brown that he would be granted immunity for the information about the assassination plan.

Now this could have all been so much hot air blown off by a couple of low-level party fixers with questionable associates and dealings. On the other hand, it could also have been evidence of a much deeper problem within the Liberal Party; namely, the ties between its Toronto organization and prominent Tamil members thereof with terrorist groups such as the Tamil Tigers.

Paul Martin's own willingness to speak at a fundraiser for a Tamil Tigers front group and subsequent refusals by the Liberal government to include the Tigers on a list of illegal terrorist groups under C-36 should have raised suspicions.

This story never got the coverage it deserved, and probably never will. Yet it is alarming to think that a foreign terrorist group could have wielded such influence over a Canadian government, seemingly without comment, while the press scrambled to find even the slightest hint of American influence within the Conservative Party.

Source: Toronto Sun

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