Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bye Bye Bonobos

The bonobo chimpanzee, revered by North American liberals as a model for human society, now faces extinction:

Pygmy chimpanzees known as "jungle hippies" for resolving conflicts through sex rather than fighting are hurtling toward extinction faster than any other primate, experts said.

Bonobos are gentle creatures found only in the remote war-torn forests of Congo, that live in strictly matriarchal families and neither kill nor fight over territory.

They also pair off for sex at the slightest hint of danger, stress or friction, earning them their hippy nicknames for "making love not war."

They are among man's closest relatives and face the prospect of being the first great ape to be wiped from the planet.

Proof positive that any society founded on the pillars of modern liberalism--radical feminism, pacificism and sexual promiscuity--is on the express lane to death.

Source: National Post

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