Thursday, September 08, 2005

CBC Lockout Watch, Day 25

Tory heritage critic Bev Oda wants Parliament to debate the question we've all been asking: if nobody's watching CBC, what are the feds spending $1 billion a year on it for?

Even die-hard CBC fans should take the question seriously when it comes from a former CRTC commissioner and CTV vice-president. There isn't an MP on the Hill more qualified to lead the debate.

When even Karla Homolka turns down the CBC, the network's growing irrelevance to Canadians becomes an even more timely issue.

CBC and CMG continue to pick away at the side issues, and have reached agreement on posting vacancies and schedules. No word on if that means bigger bulletin boards in the employee lunch rooms.

The Labour Day Classic numbers are in, and they've never been higher! Has CBC inadvertently stumbled upon a new sports broadcasting technique?

The CBC tea lady doesn't know yet what an honour it is to be an object of derision over at Small Dead Animals . In the Canadian eight-wing blogosphere, that means you've arrived. Perhaps she and Kate McMillan should sit down to tea sometime.

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