Thursday, September 01, 2005

CBC Lockout Watch, Day 18: Special Report

Some men devote their life's work to the pursuit of this high honour, only to be frustrated in their ambitions. Others receive it in the ordinary course of business. And some people receive it for no apparent reason at all.

I have been officially named to the Order of the CBC Shit List for my services to blogging by producer and author Robin Rowland, joining the illustrious Angry in the Great White North , who received his certificate and blazer badge from no less august a CBC personage than Andy Barrie .

Mr. Rowland would like to present the award to me in person, but he can't find me anywhere, and is calling upon his friends to help him in his search.

So an assignment for all the investigative reporters and web geeks out there. Let's go through the blog, find the internal evidence and technical clues and drag this guy out of his closet (an appropriate analogy, he's also a homophobe)

It's possible that Mr. Rowland and I have crossed paths, but if so, he has made no impression in my memory, either. I have encountered so many people with some sort of connection to the CBC over the years that their names and faces have become indistinct in my recollection.

But I've been in the fields of Angus cattle enough as a boy to deal with angry herds.


Les Mackenzie said...

Watch out chief - socialists use gas chambers :D The CBC shitlist eh? That's funny ;)

Anonymous said...

Typical of the CBC worshipers to deny free speach and insist that everyone else have the same opinion as their own. I'm afraid at this piont in the lockout some must be going throught the shakes part of withdrawl as Canadians are no longer staying quite about their Liberal biased blather.

Keep on writing Loyalist...ya done good.

Anonymous said...

The Loyalist wrote:

"I have been officially named to the Order of the CBC Shit List for my services...."

You mean you've been given a prime-timeslot on their TV broadcast channel? Congratulations!!

Will they have to pre-empt one of their separatist-GG-designate-hosted Passionate Eye re-re-re-runs castigating George Bush?

Mike said...

CBC worshippers - idiots. Seriously, is there any other way to describe them?

It is way past time to can the state-sponsored socialist propaganda machine known as the CBC. Quit wasting my bloody tax dollars on this crap.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Zulu, Loyalist.

This Rowland person is so typical of the smug, conceited, without talent, public servants of the CBC and their 'unionized' whining.

This Rowland guy is so terrified of the fact that the majority of Canadians actually despise the CBC and it's anti-American, socialist, blather that he's is now whining about your 'constructive criticism' on your blog.

OOOOOO Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Keep up the good work Loyalist.

A fan from La La Land -- B.C.

DorionHawk said...

The only thing the CBC has going is the NHL and Coronation street. Take these two away and all you have is a large number of overpaid, under qualified sheep. The only sure bet from disolving the CBC aside from the loss of the communist state propaganda is a 2% to 3% jump in the national unemployment rate. Most are just waiting in line for an appointment to the Senate or future considerations for Governor General.

Mugs said...

Your on their shit-list ? I owe you a beer.
I need the CBC propaganda machine about as much as a case of the runs . Its too bad I have to help fund it.

Anonymous said...

Good on ya, Loyalist. Keep up the great work.

You needn't worry about "Investigative Reporters" looking for you. "Investigative Reporters" from the CBC have never investigated a real fact in their lives.



Anonymous said...

The CBC is an ongoing joke in the Canadian Forces, and Rowland is indicative of the reason why. As a soldier who has put his ass on the line for my country, it pains me to sit back and let these pissants go on pretending they are the "true" voice of Canada. He doesn't know what its like to be a true Canadian.