Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Looting Update

FreeRepublic is reporting that armed looters have taken over Tulane Medical Center, one of New Orleans' largest hospitals, taken the staff hostage and started shooting it out with the National Guard.

The junkies are turning savage since most of them haven't had a fix in three or four days.

Let's be honest about it, since the MSM won't: the vast majority of these looters come from the poor black underclass, kept in dependence by the welfare system aided and abetted by cynical liberal politicians, black and white, who profit from racial and class demagoguery.

They've been told from day one that "The Man" is keeping them down, and now that they have a chance to get back at "The Man", they're taking it.

This is no time for politically correct sensitivities to get in the way. Shoot any looter on sight, black, white, or pink polka dotted. They're creating worse disorder and threatening the lives of defenceless people.

Once the police or National Guard take out a few, the rest will get the message, and people can get on with rebuilding New Orleans.

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Mark said...

Hear here.