Sunday, December 03, 2006

Anybody But

The key to victory these days, it seems, is to be anybody but the perceived frontrunners.

Kate McMillan called it with Stephane Dion.

And the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party, faced with a similar choice between the presumably too socialist establishment candidate and the too American rookie, chose another bland and inoffensive workhorse.

Stephane Dion and Ed Stelmach: the anybody buts.

May the least objectionable man win!

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Anonymous said...

You make a good point.. inexperience, lack of confidence and just plain ignorance make people rely on fears over making decisions they can stand by.

But it is also logical when political leaders once in office do the opposite of what they promised to do before being elected. Sometimes it is expedient to change direction for various reasons and other times it is just an example of how the 'man' runs things from behind the black curtain.