Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Young Pretender's Return

Bonnie Prince Justin, the great hope of Canada's own modern-day Jacobite movement, is ready to take back the throne that his partisans claim is rightfully his:

Justin Trudeau is poised to leap into federal politics and seek a seat in Parliament next election, according to a media report.

Maclean's magazine says the son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau suggested in an interview that he would make an announcement after Christmas about a possible run.


It quotes Gerald Butts, a close friend the magazine describes as being "tasked with taking control of Trudeau's slip," saying Mr. Trudeau, 35, wanted to discuss the timing of the announcement with new Liberal leader Stephane Dion to make sure it complemented party strategy.

"I think he's pretty much there," Mr. Butts is quoted as saying. "He just doesn't want a speculative story published before he's ready."

Too late.

It appears the magazine took those comments and Mr. Trudeau's earlier hints as proof he had made up his mind. Mr. Trudeau was noncommittal in a later interview with Maclean's.

If Trudeau runs, Stephane Dion will end up running an entire campaign in his shadow. The media will be all over Justin in an attempt to recreate Trudeaumania. His every campaign presence and utterance will be recorded and reported far and wide.

The press will turn to him to offer thoughtful commentary about his party's policies and the maintenance or restoration of his father's legacy.

The subtext will be clear--here is the once and future king, speaking to his future subjects.

Stephane Dion's successor is about to be brought into the camp.

Are you ready for Trudeaumania II?

Source: Ottawa Citizen


Christian Conservative said...

Having just finished reading several books on PET, I really hope "Trudeaumania II" ends up like many movie sequels... a total FLOP.

Gary said...

Trudeau was a disaster for Canada and a person that I detested from his first appearance on the public stage. The son seems from his utterance so far to be worse than the father. he is entirely a left wing liberal media creation, a man with no accomplishments so far except to coast on the worship of his father by that self same media. I hope he won't enter public life, that if he does he fails spectacularly and, in doing so, brings down the entire liberal facade hiding their true agenda to turn Canada into Cuba North.

Anonymous said...



We don't need no stinking policies, we are the natural governing party!!


wilson61 said...

And here Rae and Iggy thought Dion was warming up the seat for one of them!
Chretien and Little Pierre in the same week! Wow! You'd almost think that Libs do not want any more focus on Dion.
What are they trying to hide?

Anonymous said...

The Gliberal weenies in the MSM have been puffing him up for months now, is there anyone so dense they couldn't see this coming?

The misbegotten spawn of Turdeau is come to wreak socialism upon us. May G-d have mercy on our souls.

Ontario Lad said...

So......Liberal elitism continues into the next generation. Trudemania II? More like Chretien/Martin II. Dion better wear a cast iron plate on his back under his suit. He's going to need it to ward off the daggers from Cassius and Brutus.