Friday, December 29, 2006

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Myriam?

Given the criminal propensities of certain characters who surrounded the previous regime, Myriam Bedard's claims that she was being harassed over her minor role as an Adscam whistleblower might have some credence.

Might, if she weren't a complete fruit loop under the thumb of an Iranian con man who's done everything to control her except stuff her in a burqa:

Former Canadian Olympian Myriam Bedard is "lucid and sharp" and deserves protection from the U.S. government after being persecuted and spied on over her revelations in Canada's sponsorship scandal, her lawyer said Thursday.

Kevin McCants refuted suggestions that Bedard is unhinged amid a bitter cross-border custody case that landed her in jail and a bizarre U.S. tour with partner Nima Mazhari seeking help for what they call a conspiracy against them in Canada.

"She's as sharp and sober as any federal judge," said McCants, who will represent Bedard at a Baltimore court hearing Friday to determine whether she'll stay in jail pending extradition proceedings.

"She was involved in a political scandal. There were a lot of people who had an axe to grind and they were trying to belittle her. There's a lot going on," said McCants.

He contends Bedard was spied on after she raised questions about inflated payments to Quebec ad firms in the sponsorship scandal and also faced frivolous lawsuits.

"She did the right thing. She blew the whistle. She feels as if she's been treated coldly (by the Canadian government)," he said.

"She should be entitled to some type of protection from the U.S. government."

Of all of the parties involved, however, only one of them understands the real problem here:

(Jean) Paquet complained to Canadian authorities because he feared Bedard and Mazhari would flee with the girl to Iran from the United States to escape his legal woes, said McCants.

Canada submitted an urgent request to the U.S. for Bedard's arrest and extradition on Dec. 5.

"That's the real basis of it all," he said. "Her new husband is Iranian and (Paquet) didn't want to risk her going to Iran and never seeing his daughter again."

Which may have been Mazhari's plan all along. And Bedard would be facing a far worse captivity than a Maryland jail cell.

Source: National Post


Anonymous said...

Myriam is her own problem to solve.

Let's take care of the child and make sure that she stays in Canada.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like Iranians that is one thing but lets not take our eyes off the ball here: ADSCAM. (Real conservative)