Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Search For Myriam

The search for Myriam Bedard, her daughter, and her Iranian husband, is now going worldwide with Interpol's help.

Considering that Nima Mazhari is himself facing trial on theft charges for allegedly stealing $100,000 worth of paintings from a painter he shared a studio with, do you think he's going to surface with Bedard and her daughter any time soon?

If Mazhari wants to avoid justice for himself and keep his control over Myriam and Maude, where better place for him to go than back to Iran, safe from extradition and where he can keep them under his thumb with impunity?

If they're in Iran, she and her daughter won't be coming out for a long time, if ever.

Source: Toronto Star

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Anonymous said...

How come somebody that may have been a former liberal insider and could put the finger on them is now running for their life?