Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bedard Busted

Myriam Bedard has been arrested in Maryland for abducting her daughter in violation of a custody agreement with her ex-husband.

Her arrest, oddly enough, might be a happy ending for her and her daughter.

At least it has prevented her Iranian husband from taking them into Iran, into a far more cruel captivity.

Source: CTV


Anonymous said...

His name is not bonnie prince justin. His real name is "Fabian".
If They can make a pop star out of a kid with no voice, they surely can make a politician out of a kid with no @^&$@.

johnnylib said...

I'm suprised that the conservative party website doesnt have this arrest listed under getting things done.
Ha, just like they did when the mafia members were arrested in montreal.
Cause we all know that was due to a change in government.

What a laughingstock