Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Young Pretender

Stephen Taylor reports that Justin Trudeau may be running in the next election in the Outremont riding currently held by Jean Lapierre.

Sure, he backed Gerard Kennedy and likely had a hand in the deal that brought Kennedy into Stephane Dion's camp and Dion into the leadership.

Sure, the principle of alternance means that Dion's successor would almost certainly be an anglophone.

Sure, you might think that he'd have to put his higher ambitions on hold for a while.

But don't underestimate the Liberals' ability to delude themselves into believing that Canada wants Trudeaumania again. If Dion loses the next election, he might just get the hook in favour of Bonnie Prince Justin.


Alberta Girl said...

complete with the rose in the lapel - mark my words!

Roger said...

Hmm, Harpermania not taking off you you were hoping?

Harper, Harper, hes our man, if he wernt too smart by half he'd have this country in his hand.

Eric said...

Bring it on, Justin - I would love to see a leaders' debate between Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau - talk about an intellectual smackdown. In the battle of wits, Justin Trudeau is poorly armed.

Alberta Girl said...

Roger - what an idiotic comment - the topic is Justin Trudeau and his aspirations - I am surprised you didn't manage to get the word "american" into your comment.

You made no sense.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau is still really young. Dion could have his 10 years, Kennedy could have his 10, and Justin will still only be in his 50s.