Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Feast Of The Martyrs Of Feminism

Since every goodthinkful Canadian must commemorate this high holy day of feminism, I shall follow Kathy Shaidle's example and repost my own previous reflections about today.

As the possessor of a Y chromosome, I shall be expected to perform penance today for the sins of my fellow men today.

Therefore, I shall give 29 cents of my unearned money to a needy woman.


Cecilia Jamasmie said...

Speaking martyrs, I'd like to invite you and your readers to learn what happened in Vancouver, Canada. Over a number of decades, women seemingly vanished without trace. It wasn't until long after their disappearance that the public, the media or the police took serious notice. Now, as the alleged killer finally faces trial, a city wonders how we could have let this happen so quietly.

Here's the full story:
69 Women

she said...

I think I'll return your 29 cents if you don't mind. I've never in my life been paid less for the work I do than my male counterparts. I'm not about to start demanding compensation I haven't earned at this point in my life.

vicki said...

It is horrible what happenned in Montreal. Dec.6 is my sons birthday, so we are getting used to the annual reminder as part of his day. I do use the occasion to speak to both of my sons about being a real man.
"A Real man:
-accepts responsibility
-shuns passivity
-leads courageously
-and looks to the greater reward."
As Kathy and others have mentioned, why did the men not protect the women?