Friday, December 01, 2006

Iggy: The Lecture

Michael Ignatieff is delivering the lecture of his life.

Too bad that nobody told him it was a political convention and not Harvard Yard.


Anonymous said...

How brutal was that? When the best speech is the first, the Libs have some serious problems.
If the current frontrunner was a rock group, he'd be called "Iggy Flop"! The "Dipper"mada an "ass" of himself yet again.
HArper must be sayomh, "bring em on"!
Fibber McGee in Lindsay

Anonymous said...

Iggy just HANDED Rae the leadership. I figure that he and his wife decided to cut and run, especially after last night's trainwreck Tribute/Trashing of Paul Martin.

They must really be wondering what they're doing up here trying to defend the indefensible when they could be in Boston with the other bluebloods.

I'm clear that Iggy realizes he made a BIG MISTAKE in running for the LPC leadership.

Besides, Rae is Power Corp's man, the backroom boys', insiders', and party hacks' man, Martins', Chretien's, and Turner's man, plus Volpe's man.

He's a shoe-in tomorrow, or I'll eat my hat.