Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bloc Head On Afghanistan

Whenever the call to arms has been sounded, Canada has oft been quick to heed it, but Quebec has usually covered its ears.

Following the historical precedent set in two World Wars, Quebec's leading political spokesman is once again voicing the traditional isolationism of la belle nation :

Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe is ready to trigger the defeat of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority government if Canada's role in Afghanistan does not change soon.

Mr. Duceppe wants the mission to concentrate on reconstruction, noting it is now “essentially military.” If the change in emphasis doesn't take place soon, he will consider introducing a no-confidence motion in the House of Commons to topple the government.


While the Bloc Leader refused to say when he would table such a motion, he did not exclude forcing a vote as early as February. Soldiers from the Royal 22nd regiment from Valcartier, Que., will be sent to Afghanistan next August


“Mr. Harper will need to rapidly and profoundly change the Canadian mission in Afghanistan, which in a few months will be made up of men and women from Valcartier. We will not be accomplices of an obtuse government who would stubbornly maintain the current course,” he said.

There's the rub! Canada can send all the cannon fodder it likes to for les anglais or the Yanks, but the minute one single habitant gets sent overseas, it's bloody blue murder!

To say nothing of condemning a military mission for performing, well, military duties. How does one even begin to answer such a foolish criticism?

Source: Globe and Mail

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