Saturday, December 02, 2006

Fourth And Down

Stephane Dion 2531
Michael Ignatieff 2084

Loyalty and long service beat carpetbagging opportunism.

Nonetheless, it's more of the same for the Liberal Party, which has demonstrated that strong leadership comes from alternating between Quebec lawyers and Quebec academics.


Dark Blue Tory said...

The Liberal party never ceases to amaze me. They are so...bloody..stupid.

Paul said...

Stupid and arrogant you mean. Dion is Chretin's hand-picked puppet. Dion was in the grit caucus and participated in the corruption in his party in Quebec. Dion represents more of the same in that its same old, same old.

KristinB said...

yes it sure is same ole same ole..and Chretian very much in evidence..and all the old faces coming out of the woodwork...
Just amazed me to see them receiving jean C when his government and buddies were so corrupt. Big as life and last honoured big speaker...amazing.
you talk about "in denial"