Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rona Out

A three-way cabinet shuffle is in the works: Rona Ambrose will leave Environment for Intergovernmental Affairs, replacing Peter Van Loan who will get Indian Affairs as Jim Prentice goes off to Environment.

Rona Ambrose was always a better fit for the constitutional and federal-provincial portfolio; besides, Jim Prentice has been a far better troubleshooter for the Cabinet than he's being given credit for.

Prentice has his work cut out for him: the high priests of the environmental movement will burn anyone at the stake who questions one word of Kyoto. Rona Ambrose couldn't stand up to them. But Prentice, having succesfully killed the Kelowna bribes for the chiefs accords, has shown no fear in attacking political orthodoxies.

Source: Globe and Mail


wilson61 said...

More 'sources'
Should have 2 Ministers on this file. Ambrose and Maxime Bernier.

Anonymous said...

For all the bragging about Rona I haven't even seen her in a calender yet.

Anonymous said...


"Who's a Québécois? Harper isn't sure"


Anonymous said...

Rona; cute haircut but bad spin.

Dump her and everybody will be better of.

"this is a message from the Government of Canada"