Friday, December 01, 2006

Volpemania: The End

CPAC is reporting that even as Bob Rae speaks (and quite effectively, I must say), Joe Volpe will pull out before the first ballot to support him.

This is all upside for Joe Volpe: he can console himself with the thought that he has played kingmaker and jumped on the bandwagon before it could roll over him, without the embarrassment of actual vote numbers to prove otherwise.

And it doesn't hurt Bob Rae anymore to have Joe Volpe endorse him, because he has won so many high-profile endorsements and the backing of three former leadership candidates to take away any of the stink that lingers around Volpe.

If only it could have ended with Rae jumping on the Volpe bandwagon.

If only.


wuberman said...

My kids are besides themselves with greef that Volpe is bowing out. Their inconsolable.

Anonymous said...

Isn't mean-spirited PM Stephen Harper who is intent on splitting the country, who doesn't care, etc. etc. etc.....the same old Liberal theme that we heard in the last two elections?
Where is the Liberal policy? I didn't hear anything from any of the speakers that said anything about what they stood for....nothing I guess.....everything and nothing.
Perhaps they should invest in good cushions for their seats in the Opposition side of the House because it seems as if they'll be sitting there for many years to come.
God willing.

Shades Of Clarity said...

Policy, they don't need no stinkin policies....Dean has come up from the Americas to tell the libs how the democrats won with absolutely no platform or policy at all.

Anonymous said...

Having been part of the Ontario mass exodus when Boob Rae was at the helm, I truely hope that that Gong show actually wins... it's nothing more or less then the Liberal Party of Canada deserves... He'll get oblierated worse then Kim Campbell in the next fedral election by all my Fellow former Ontario/Torontonians and any that are still living in Ontario who remember how he took a Province with a AAA+ credit rating in 4 short years to the brink of Bankruptsy with nothing to show for it.