Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hussein: The Final Countdown

Mark January 27, 2007 on your calendar.

Saddam Hussein will hang that day, if not sooner.

This is how the death penalty should be carried out: with due speed and dispatch.

No endless appeals on abstruse technical grounds, no candlelight vigils outside the prison walls, no agonizing over the relative humaneness of the various methods.

Just hang him and throw his body to the vultures.


Anonymous said...

CNN won't file an appeal on Saddam's behalf? They got along so well together when Saddam was stuffing people into woodchippers and CNN refused to report such things in order to be 'the only news organization in Iraq' - you would think CNN would show some loyalty to him.

George said...

I'm no lefty, but something smells about this. Where did Saddam get the weapons to gas his people? Point one finger, three point back at you. When is GWB going to hang?