Saturday, December 02, 2006

First Ballot: From Iggy Top To Iggy Flop?

Michael Ignatieff 1,412
Bob Rae 977
Stéphane Dion 856
Gerard Kennedy 854
Ken Dryden 238
Scott Brison 192
Joe Volpe 156
Martha Hall Findlay 130

Scott Brison surprises us all by standing behind Bob Rae, along with Joe Volpe. The two greasiest opportunists in the Liberal Party can sense which way the wind is blowing.

Martha Hall Findlay will back Stephane Dion (too little, too late.)

Ken Dryden is staying on the second ballot, though to what end? He's taken a few too many pucks to the helmet, it seems.

Since Ignatieff couldn't crack 30% on the first ballot, it's likely all over for him.


Kitchener Conservative said...
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Kitchener Conservative said...

think Dion could be in the best position to win. It'll be interestin g to see how things go after the next ballot