Sunday, May 07, 2006


I have never understood the religious devotion with which marijuana users and activists have taken up their cause.

Even as speakeasies and rumrunners flourished during the dark days of Prohibition, thousands of drunkards, barflies and lounge lizards did not march en masse in the streets demanding its repeal, nor did they claim any greater medical, moral or spiritual benefits to the consumption of alcohol other than that they enjoyed a drink or two now and then.

Yet thousands of potheads can be roused from their stupor around the world to demonstrate in favour of legalizing marijuana, many of them right here in Toronto,where they have just concluded the stoners' Holy Week.

What is it about marijuana that can generate such fanatical commitment from its users, to the point that their lives revolve around it? Surely simple pleasure, or even addiction, cannot explain it.

One fails to see the same dedication from the users of opium, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin or any other such recreational narcotic, at least from users who have not been completely wrecked by using it.

What elevates this drug, above all other drugs, to a good in itself?


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at one Lawyer that was for smoking dope , during their presentation while admiting they smoked dope prior to speaking , the Lawyer argued it was harmless and non-addictive .

Here's the part where I laughed:

While the Lawyer was talking quickly like Teddy Ruxpin on speed or wired to a car battery, he asserted that for the last 15 years he himself smoke dope 3 times aweek on a regular basis and feels he's not addicted . can quit any time you want, but it helps you relax and expands the mind and makes you a better citizen.

BTW, the cocain user that does it 3 times aweek for 15 years IS addicted according to the Lawyers defending the criminals stealing to buy the cocain.

Steve said...

Loyalist, it is really not different than anything else. I ask the same question about Trekkies.

In a similar vein, though, I remember people devoting their lives to getting brew pubs legalized. I even signed a petition, and I must admit I am glad they were legalized. The beer we drink today is better for it.

As to pot smokers, I know one guy who put himself through university selling the stuff. More recently, he was the CEO of a mid-sized company and he is now an SVP at an international consulting firm. Every time I see him, he still pulls some out. However, I doubt you will see him at an event like this.

Nothing in this world is achieved by half measures. Fortunately, some care enough about the things they believe in to fight for them. The issue of marijuana prohibition may seem unimportant to you, but others disagree. I'm with them. The law simply doesn't make sense. We are not protecting anyone by making pot illegal. It is time to change the law. I am thankful there are people out there fighting to change it.

Matt said...

Hard to say. Having just graduated from college, I know a couple people who smoke and none of them would bother participating in such a ridiculous event.

Perhaps it's because those who are coked up are too busy committing violent crimes while those who smoke pot giggle and think of harmless albeit stupid things such as this parade.

Watching those goons on CTV made me laugh though, especially the one idiot who went up to the camera to announce "I am stooooooooooooonnnnnnned!".

Anonymous said...


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