Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yet Another Poll

We should not delight too much in the results of this poll, just as we should not have despaired whenever previous polls had the numbers the other way round not so long ago.

But we can take away two salient points from it.

First: The government is still enjoying its traditional honeymoon with the electorate, despite the parliamentary press gallery's valiant efforts to spoil it.

Second: You can't beat somebody with nobody. Don't expect Liberal numbers to rise and Conservative numbers to fall significantly until the Grits sort out their leadership mess. Then the gap will narrow.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the conventional wisdom is that the Liberal poll numbers will go down after they select a leader. Right now, voters (not me of course) supposedly imagine their own favorite Liberal contender as being in charge, and respond accordingly. Things will only get worse for the Liberano$ !

Calgary Junkie

Paul MacPhail said...

What an accomplishment! With this government, it seems the electorate is happier with the marriage than the were with the honeymoon.