Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Perv Party

This being Holland, it probably isn't a joke.

And this being Canada, the courts will probably find that pedophilia, bestiality, prime-time TV pornography and public nudity are all Charter rights.


UPDATE: The Quebec Court of Appeal didn't call it a Charter right, but they did say it didn't make him that bad a person.

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Anonymous said...

We already have Toronto's Mayor David Miller and Police Chief Blair riding in the Pride Parade where both of them ignore the overt nudity by Males that get their jollies flaunting their penis in front of children,normally this behaviour is deemed Pedophilia but becuase SCOC Judges Wrote-in special Rights to the "Charter" based on Gender , NAMBLA has a friend in Toronto and the Mayor and Police Chief should be ashamed of their silent consent to Pedophilia behaviour while endorsing a Kiddie-porn and child abuse Division in the Police Department.

Pedophilia appears to only be enforced fully when it's a Heterosexual assault, so I hope the SCOC Judges and proud of their choice to create Pedophilia Victims and allow Pedophiles to act out on their sickness.